9 Times My Dreams Made Me Feel Psychic

If you were to dream about being in a plane crash and in the dream you were seated next to someone with red hair and a blue shirt, and then the next day when you go to the airport, you end up in line behind a person with red hair and a blue shirt… you’d probably think twice before getting on that plane, am I right?

Even if you’re a hardcore skeptic about all things ESP-ish, you’d be hesitating before you handed over your boarding pass and climbed on that potential death trap.

I mean, we’ve all seen movies like Premonition and we’ve even heard wild stories of people in real life who have dreamed about unprecedented world events that came true or them dreaming about a cousin being pregnant before the cousin knew she was pregnant.

There’s this theory that we all have some psychic abilities that we’re not tapping into and over the last few months, I decided to test it out for myself. I won’t lie - the results so far have been pleasantly surprising.

No, my dreams haven’t predicted some major world event or saved any lives or anything (yet) but in a way, that’s almost what makes it more fascinating for me. It’s what makes me suspect that it’s true - we all have this ability, but we’re just not paying attention to it.

If you dream about a plane crash or someone being pregnant or someone you love dying or any other major occurrence, it would make sense that it has a lasting impact on you and you’re likely to remember it. Sometimes a dream can have such an emotional impression that we remember it even years later.

What’s amazing to me is that these dreams that have “come true” for me on some level are all tiny things that I wouldn’t necessarily even notice had I not been actively attentive. I’m intrigued enough to continue the experiment and I’m eager to see how things will progress.

Honestly, you should try it for yourself. After all, how can you know if your dreams are precognitive or not if you don’t even pay attention to what you’re dreaming?

Without further ado, here are 9 times that my dreams made me feel psychic over the last few months:

We had the same dream… on the same night.

I was standing on a dirt road path surrounded by hills of Georgia red clay. The whole dream had an orange aura to it. I’m not sure if there were lights around or if the sun was setting or if it was just the orangish dirt I could see everywhere.

As I was standing there I saw Brianna (my stepdaughter from my first marriage) coming down the path, riding a bicycle. She stopped and we chatted for a bit before she rode away again. I continued walking and noticed that I kept seeing Brianna pop up on the path in between the hills. I wondered if she was lost, so I found her again and asked.

She admitted she was riding in circles because she felt she didn’t know where to go, felt like it was time for her to move/live somewhere new. I told her that my husband and I were happy to help her out if we could and that also she should consider living with family because she’s so young and there was no pressure for her to live on her own. She lit up like, “Yeah, I’ll live with family!” and thanked me and went back to the bike.

The next morning, I started to text Brianna but Brianna can be the worst about getting back to texts (no judgment, I’m the same way, and honestly I respect the hell out of her for the fact that she doesn’t feel pressured to operate on anyone else’s timeline). I realized I had not gotten a response yet from the last two messages I sent her (just some dumb memes, I think) so I decided to wait on texting her about the dream, because I didn’t want to be that annoying person who bombarded her with messages.

I ended up in a conversation with her sister Ashton that morning and told her about the dream. I asked Ashton if she knew anything about Brianna planning to move to a new place or anything and she said yes, actually she’s been talking about moving in with me!

I was like, cool, my dream had some element of truth/ future prediction to it, that’s interesting. But interesting doesn’t begin to cover it, because less than an hour later, I received a text from Brianna. Now, my first thought when I saw the notification, before I ever even opened the message, was that Ashton must have mentioned me or the dream to her because what were the odds that I hadn’t heard from her in two weeks and she’s suddenly texting me now?

Then, I saw the very beginning of the text from Brianna and my heart began to fucking gallop. I’ll include screenshots here, but both Brianna and Ashton swear that neither of them had talked to each other that morning and that Ashton did not tell Brianna about my dream, did not tell her to text me or anything like that. I have no proof of that, but it also doesn’t seem like something either of them would lie about...and if they were gonna prank me, why not make the dreams match more precisely?


To sum it up, Brianna had texted me to tell me she had dreamed about me the night before. In her dream, I was on a walking a path, there were orange lights, and yeah… you guessed it… while I was walking, she was on a bicycle!

This bitch doesn’t even have a bike in real life, why was she dreaming about being on one — why were both of us dreaming about her being on a bike?! What are the fuckin’ odds of that?

You can see in the screenshots that our dreams were not identical, but the fact that we both dreamed about each other on the same night and had such similar elements…. Still gives me chills.

Nap dreams count, too.

In recent months I’ve also specifically become very interested in lucid dreaming (LD) and astral projection (AP), so I’ve been incorporating techniques to test the possibilities. It’s not uncommon for a person to dream about lucid dreaming while trying to learn how to lucid dream.

One particular day back in early October, I was taking a nap and in my dream I was expressing frustration to my mom that I hadn’t had much luck with AP or LD yet. Suddenly I got a text (in the dream) from one of my best friends, Ariane. She said it was all new to her but her husband Joe was a pro at AP and LD and he had some advice for me.

I woke up, laughing to myself at the randomness of it, because at this point Ariane and I had never ever even talked about AP and LD or my interest in it, and her husband Joe was one of the last people I would’ve ever thought would be interested in that sort of thing.

I made myself a cup of coffee and debated whether to text her (in real life) because part of training yourself for dream-related precognitive abilities means reaching out to the people you dream about to look for any similarities/coincidences with what you dreamed and what’s going on with them.

It’s sort of like that whole thing of when you call someone and they say, “Oh my god, I was just about to text you.” Something like that.

Ultimately I decided to text Ariane about my nap dream just because I thought it was so absurd and funny, not because I thought there was anything psychic about it.

Well, her response left me SHOOK. (Do people still say that?)

Ariane said that her husband Joe really is a pro at LD/AP and has been practicing for quite a while — something that I had no fucking idea about. Let’s be real, most people don’t advertise it when they dabble in that sort of thing because of the judgment and skepticism of others.

But here’s where it gets extra crazy. She said he was napping twenty minutes before I texted her — WHICH WAS THE SAME TIME I WAS ALSO SLEEPING WHEN I HAD THE DREAM.

I’m not saying it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened, but there’s no denying it’s one hell of a coincidence.

I’ll include screenshots for ya:

What’s that smell?

This next one is weird on a whole different level. I can’t even remember exactly what I was dreaming about this one night but I woke up numerous times because there was this strong chemical stench in the room. It was so sharp it burned my nostrils and made my eyes water a little. I couldn’t place the smell; I could only note that it was chemical-ly. I had no idea where it was coming from and I was worried it might somehow be dangerous.

The thing is, it would dissipate a few moments after I woke up, but when I went back to sleep it would be there again — and wake me up. It was the middle of the night when the whole house was sleeping and I just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

I woke my husband up at some point, but he didn’t smell it! Since it disappeared when I woke up and he didn’t smell it at all, I figured it must somehow be tied to my dreaming, even though I didn’t think I’d ever heard of anything like that. (Later I learned about phantosmia and olfactory dreamers - look that up for fun sometime.)

Fast forward to the next day. I decide to freshen up my hair color, and I accidentally spilled some of the bright red dye on the bathroom counter and all over the floor. This stuff stains fast and from past experience, the only way to get it out is to use cotton balls and bleach.

Rushing to the laundry room, I realized I’d already used up the bottle of bleach I keep there so I had to go down to the kitchen to see if there was any under the sink. Near the back I luckily found another bottle.

It was a different brand than what I normally use, something that boasted a flowery scent even though we all know that nothing can really mask the smell of bleach. I took it upstairs and opened the top, peeling off the seal and immediately start dabbing at the mess I’d made with the hair dye.

I had a delayed reaction I guess because of being in such a hurry, but suddenly the smell hit me and stopped me in my tracks. Holy shit, this was the same thing I had been smelling the night before, the chemical that had woken my up from my sleep!

I want to reiterate, this was a brand I’d never used before - some generic one I’d found from a dollar store or something. It wasn’t just the regular bleach smell because they’d tried to scent it like flowers. It had a very distinct scent (like what you’d imagine it would smell like if someone tried to cover up a murder scene at a florist shop) and it was completely sealed, so I’d never smelled it before that moment… except of course in my dream the night before.

And even if I had smelled it before in my life (which I hadn’t) how in the world would I have randomly predicted that I would decide to dye my hair the next day, make a mess, run out of my regular bleach, and then use this knock-off version?

Idk, man. It’s not exactly magical or life-changing, but you gotta admit that’s one bizarre experience.

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A pic of Brianna and in me (in real life, not a dream ha)

Some other stuff...

Since I’ve started paying attention to my dreams, there are all kinds of these little occurences. I’ll give you a few more examples without boring you with too much detail.

One night I dreamed my oldest son won some sort of academic award. The next day he texted me a picture from school to show me he’d done well in some sort of statewide math testing, where his scores put him in the 99th percentile.

I dreamed the Braves won the World Series (and they did). Yes, I live in Atlanta and also my husband works at Truist Park and yep we sometimes watch baseball games, but that still doesn’t explain how the hell I dreamed the Atlanta Braves won the World Series before they actually did.

I guess you could say I had a fifty percent chance of getting this one right, since there were only two teams and one of them had to win, but it’s still pretty crazy when you factor in that I don’t keep up with their schedule. The fact that I woke up one morning and said to my husband, “I dreamed the Braves won the World Series,” on a day when I didn’t even know they had a game scheduled and then they won later that night - pretty eerie to me.

I dreamed about my friend Shannon 2 or 3 times in the same week, which was unusual because we live in different states and don’t interact super often. I texted her after the multiple dreams and she told me she’d been thinking about me a lot because she was at the beach that week (something I didn’t know) and between my mermaid obsession and the fact that she and I have vacationed together, the beach makes her think of me.

I dreamed I was supposed to call my friend Brittany and the next morning she texted me. I checked our message history and it had been about 2-3 months since we talked (not because we were deliberately avoiding each other, just because life gets busy). The fact that it had been so long made the timing of my dream/her text pretty interesting.

In one dream I was upset with my ex-husband, even though we’re on good terms in real life. He texted me the next day and basically said, *Hey this is weird but I dreamed about you last night and you were really upset. Is everything okay?* (I had never talked to him about my dream experiments up to this point.)

This last one gets a little complicated, but stay with me haha. I dreamed that I was huddled on a front porch with my 2 stepdaughters (from my previous marriage) Ashton and Brianna (same girls as the bicycle dream earlier) and their biological mom, M.

We were having a whisper fight over who should ring the doorbell or something, because we were there to meet the new wife of M’s ex-husband/the girls’ ex-stepdad. Still with me? lol

I peeked through the window and saw a blonde woman and then woke up.

I texted Ashton about it the next morning because though it’s not unusual for me to dream about her or Brianna, it was funny that I dreamed their mom and even weirder that I dreamed about their ex stepdad, who (whom?) I haven’t seen in years.

Annnd that’s when Ashton informed me that her ex-stepdad is getting remarried (I had no idea) and yep, you guessed it, she sent me a pic and the woman is blonde. Because of course and also wtf.

There you have it folks, a few examples of dreams that made me feel psychic. We could argue that they’re all coincidences, but it makes me wonder… how many coincidences does it take before it becomes something more than that?


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